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Frozen in the hood

how is this the hood. that is clearly a suburbian neighborhood. likeeeeeee can we stop with the casual racism?

Thank you^^^

For real damn smh

She’s probably studied dance for years and is enjoying the snow, but since she’s black…. yah know she MUST be hood. 

God Forbid her name be Rasheeda Jackson. SMH they’ll be making fun all day.

this is how we know “ghetto” and “hood” are synonymous with blackness for white people, no matter what economic class we’re actually in; you will look at us the same way no matter what, so fuck respectability politics and trying to “polite” our way into civil rights

for the fucking comments 

yeah totes^ but the fact that she casually does a Chaine turn while crushing two snowballs before sliding into a perfect split on some fucking ice gives me so much LIFE 

Love the comments


maybe the best vine ever


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